One-of-a-kind Texas Smoker in which top quality pork, chicken and beef is smoked over a long period of time. The meats are seasoned with a secret seasoning prior to smoking which makes a succulent end product. Ngata Smokehouse & Grill is also known for its mouth-watering steaks which have been wet and dry aged.


Pricing is available in-house, and all items are subject to change/availability


special breakfast
2 Eggs, 2 Rashers of Bacon, 2 slices of Toast

Asian style rolled omelette
A 3 Egg omelette with your choice of 3 fillings:
Cheese, Bellpepper, Olives, Mushrooms, Tomato, Onion, and/or Chilli
ADD Bacon, Ham, Savoury Mince @ EXTRA CHARGE per Item

safari eggs benedict
2 Poached Eggs with pink peppercorn hollandaise, grilled flatbread, fresh greens & crispy bacon

Ngata house breakfast
2 eggs, tomato, baked beans, sauteed potato, bacon, sausage

Ngata french toast
3 slices cinnamon toast served with bacon, banana OR strawberries and maple syrup

Ngata healthy breakfast
Granola with plain yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit & honey


fried halloumi cheese
served on a bed of greens with Asian sweet chilli

shrimp cocktail
a colossal shrimp with our homemade horseraddish sauce served with crisp lettuce and lemon

fried with sea salt and black pepper crust served with homemade tartare sauce

oven roasted bone marrow
served with garlic bruschetta and hunters gravy

Portuguese style chicken livers
served with home made bread

Ngata meze platter
grilled flat bread, 3 smoked meatballs, olives and feta cheese, roasted peppers, tsatziki

smokey chicken hot wings/bbq
served with chips or salad
6 serving
12 serving

umami chicken stirfry
served with crisp veg and egg noodles

flame grilled skilpaaitjies
served with rosemary and garlic mash potato & shiraz onion marmelade

peppered chicken fillet
served with sweet potato fries, petit salad and herb mayonnaise


ngata garden salad
fresh greens, onions, tomato, deef fried capers, julienne peppers with vanilla and cranberry vinaigrette

tomato carpaccio
thinly sliced tomato dressed with fresh greens, parmesan shavings, deep fried capers, sundried tomato and olive tapenade served with grilled flat bread

quinoa & roast veg salad (warm salad)
tender quinoa with fragrant roast mixed vegetables and herbs

chicken, halloumi cheese & cashew nut salad
basic green salad with grilled chicken, toasted cashews and fried halloumi cheese


ham & pineapple

mini burger & chips

chicken strips & chips

kids ribs & chips

bbq chicken wings & chips


All main meals served with a choice of french fries, rosemary mash potato, hand rolled pasta, herb risotto & salad or grilled vegetables

grilled sole
(please note that a well cooked sole takes 25 min)
250g succulent sole finished with orange zest and caper butter sauce

baked queen prawns
6 queen prawns baked with a fragrant herb crust served on a delicious tomato sauce

fried calamari
succulent falklands calamari with a mouth-watering lemon butter sauce


All main meals served with a choice of french fries, rosemary mash potato, hand rolled pasta, herb risotto & salad or grilled vegetables

rib eye steak  300g / 400g
rump  300g / 400g
sirloin  250g / 350g
smoked pork ribs  half rack 400g / full rack 800g
free range smoked chicken  half / full
pork belly
chicken & rib platter  400g chicken & 400g ribs

extra charge each
pepper, cheese, mushroom, garlic, hunter’s sauce, shiraz onion marmalade, blue cheese, bone marrow


lindt chocolate fondant
with chocolate ganache & vanilla ice cream

deep fried nougat
with vanilla ice cream & honey

Amarula and white chocolate panna cotta
served with short bread & mixed berry granita

asian wild rice and coconut pudding
served with berry compote

pie of the week
American style home baked pies


served on a sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, onion & home made mayo, with chips or salad or onion rings

original flame grilled to perfection
big cheese flame grilled patty topped with melted cheddar
bacon & cheese flame grilled, mouth watering combo
bone marrow, rocket & blue cheese chef’s special


a choice of penne, spaghetti or hand rolled tagliatelle

a fragrant fresh tomato sauce with garlic, ginger and herbs

traditional bolognaise
slow cooked meat sauce with fresh herbs

roast vegetables in a delicate creamy basil pesto sauce


all pizzas are 33cm

basic margerita
add your own toppings

Charged per item
garlic, chilli, peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, onion

charged per item
olives, feta cheese, extra cheese, halloumi cheese, salami, ham, mince
blue cheese, avo (when available), chicken


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